Ep 34 - How To Manifest The Right Teacher At The Right Time & Place (with Lak & JT)

Ep 34 - How To Manifest The Right Teacher At The Right Time & Place (with Lak & JT)

In todays episode, co-host Jatinder and Sifu Lak choose and discuss today's koan, "When the student is unready, the teacher disappears", found on page 333 of Lak's book, "The Art Of Thinking Without Thinking."  

Highlights include:  

- The different variations on the student and teacher being ready to meet each other and ideas on how to manifest the right teacher for yourself.

- JT shares how he met Lak and the insights he had during classes about why he discovered JKD   

- Lak shares how he discovered the martial arts and deeper insights he gleaned from his young instructor.  

- About the 3 learning positions: student, teacher, examiner.  

- The benefit of learning something for the long term; the power of "stickability".

- How the change in a teacher's circumstances has a knock on effect on the students.  

- Observations on what happens to students when they hit black belt status.  

- Why black belt is just the beginning to discovering one's true style and voice.  

- The incredible differences between being sharp and razor sharp and how this shows up in one's progress.  

- How to correctly apply Bruce Lee's, "Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own".  

- Understanding what techniques work best in different fight situations.  

- Why Lak gets his students to sign a pledge before they become students.  

- How Lak's vibe attracted uncomfortable characters and situations when he first started teaching.  

- The evolution of the types of students Lak attracted moving from body, mind to spirit.  

- Why your vibe attracts your tribe.  

- The benefits of the discomforts and challenges from martial arts training that can help in later life outside of class.  

- The learnings of differing martial philosophies as reflected in Cobra Kai  

Martial Mind Power, by Lak Loi, uses martial arts inspired by  #BruceLee, ancient wisdom, and self-mastery principles to help provide better mental health for a modern age. To learn more, check out Lak's books here: https://www.martialmindpower.com/