Ep 36 - Sikh Wisdom - A Path to Enlightenment (w/Lak & JT)

Ep 36 - Sikh Wisdom - A Path to Enlightenment (w/Lak & JT)

In todays episode, co-host Jatinder and Sifu Lak choose and discuss today's koan, "Sikhs Seek Sikhi", found on page 324 of Lak's book, "The Art Of Thinking Without Thinking."

Highlights include:

- The wonderment from learning about spiritual ideas vs academic education

- About cultivating a hunger for the divine

- Life is a teacher and so are the people in it

- Why finding ultimate wonderment in life is key

- How the founder of Sikh Philosophy set a path of charity based off of a "true trade"

- Why some ancient texts call our time the "kali-yuga" or dark age

- Insights from BBC show "Luther"

- Using tenacity and childlike curiosity to honour and follow your direction to wonderment

- Why its a constant practice to stay in a state of bliss

Martial Mind Power, by Lak Loi, uses martial arts inspired by #BruceLee, ancient wisdom, and self-mastery principles to help provide better mental health for a modern age. To learn more, check out Lak's books here: https://www.martialmindpower.com/