MMP Talks (24) : "Taking Ownership of Your Life" - Ashley Boolell (Student's Edition)

MMP Talks (24) : "Taking Ownership of Your Life" - Ashley Boolell (Student's Edition)

Commodities Finance, Published Author of Six Novels, Politics, Improv Theatre, and Martial Artist

Ashley has worked in the cut-throat business of commodities finance and politics - often toxic environments which can cause you to go into a tail-spin and spiral out of control if you're not careful.

Over the years, Ashley has been developing strategies to take ownership and control of his life in such environments, and he will share his story on how you can take back your sovereignty too.


Martial Mind Power Talks - Martial Mindset for Everyday Life.

Spreading Self Mastery Inspired By Martial Arts.

MMP TALKS is a non-profit social enterprise devoted to spreading self-mastery teachings inspired by martial art & philosophy combined with self-help to raise the consciousness of the self, collective, and Mother Earth to make the world a better place to live in.

At the MMP TALKS inspired thought leaders, authorities, and masters in our community will share a compelling talk (up to 20 minutes) about their key life message inspired through the hidden secrets and power.

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