MMP Talks (15): Stop Fearing Fear - Matt Stait

MMP Talks (15): Stop Fearing Fear - Matt Stait

Martial Arts Champion & Instructor, Bouncer, Bodyguard, and Best-Selling Author

Matt Stait was a sickly, scared little kid with asthma who was diagnosed with PTSD, and horrifically lost his father to suicide.

With all the pain and suffering he endured as a child, he had to learn how to stop fearing fear itself.

He discovered a way to conquer his fears through martial arts, and went onto to become a martial arts champion & instructor, bouncer, bodyguard and best-selling author.

Matt is now a firm believer that, "Where we come from does not dictate where we are going," with many of his earlier peers ending up dead, in prison, or reliant on drugs/alcohol.

In Matt Stait's MMP TALK, he is going to reveal his secrets on how to win, how to lose, how to face challenges, and how to live a braver life.

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