MMP Talks(19): "Wonder Woman" - Rachael Partleton (Student's Edition)

MMP Talks(19): "Wonder Woman" - Rachael Partleton (Student's Edition)⁠⁠

Financial Abuse Specialist and Martial Artist

Having been the victim of financial abuse and entrapment, Rachael suffered PTSD through years of legal and financial battle and ruin. However, Rachael decided to fight for freedom, not only for herself, but for others as well.

Rachael now spearheads the fight to protect people against financial abuse nationally, lobbying the government and financial institutes to recognise financial abuse as a crime, and to safeguard people in dangerous and exploitative relationships. She is literally changing the shape of the financial and legal system so no one else has to suffer what she went through.

In Rachael Partleton's MMP Talk, she is going to reveal how she found the fight within her when she was being continuously knocked down, and how she rose to defend others. 

To learn Why Rachael is the Real-Life Wonder Woman, Join Rachael at MMP Talks


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